Hearing Loss is Afflicting People Globally at an Alarming Rate

By Dr (Brig) WVBS Ramalingam Hearing loss is the most widespread sensory deficit across the globe. Any hearing loss greater than 40 decibels (dB) in the better hearing ear in adults and... Read more »

Controversy over popping up Vitamins – Must Watch Top experts views

INTERVIEW WITH TOP EXPERTS – Dr. Ashish Khattar, General physician, Venkateshwar HospitalDr. Suranjeet Chatterjee, Senior Consultant, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Read more »

Covid-19 Vaccine is Safe, People Need Not to Fear

by Dr Navneet Kaur Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc worldwide. A massive vaccination drive has been initiated in the country and currently, the vaccine is administered only to healthcare workers. Two Covid-19 vaccines, Covaxin... Read more »

Acute Pancreatitis- A medical emergency

By DR. ANUKALP PRAKASH Acute pancreatitis is a medical emergency in which your pancreatitis gets swelled and the condition could be severe or life-threatening if not paid proper attention to it. When... Read more »

World Record – MEET DR KAUSHAL KANT MISHRA- Must watch this video

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Glaucoma: the silent thief of sight

by Dr Gauri bhushan Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide and as per the National Programme for Control of Blindness it is the third leading cause of blindness in... Read more »

Dental implants- Myth & Facts

By Dr. Dheeraj Kumar Koli Dental implants are screw shape devices used for anchorage for dental prosthesis i.e. crown, dentures inside the mouth. They are made of titanium alloy and serves as... Read more »

The rise in infectious disease pandemics: What role does climate change have to play?

By Dr Neeraj Nishchal Climatic changes have been associated with an increase in infectious disease pandemics, especially by previously unknown pathogens. The changing climate has been proposed as a basis for the... Read more »

Can Coronavirus Cause Psychosis? – Must watch this video

Dr.Rajiv Mehta who is renowned Psychologist from Sir Gangaram Hospital will tell you the reality about the connection between Covid-19 and Psychological issues. Read more »

Cataract: The biggest cause of blindness in India

By Dr. Tushar Grover In a country which has the unenviable record of having the largest number of blind people in the world, Cataract has often been cited as being most responsible... Read more »