Learn CPR and Save Life- Must for every citizen

Feature by: Mr Aditya Kumar, Honorary Director Public Relations, Indian Resuscitation Council. Dr Rakesh Garg Honorary Scientific Director, Indian Resuscitation Council. Every year, about 4,280 out of one lakh victims of sudden... Read more »

The “well wishing” Aunties and Uncles of breastfeeding

By: Dr. Emine A Rehman Assistant professor, pediatrics department AIIMS, Hyderabad Aunty 1: The baby looks so thin, Baby needs cow’s milk, my dear. Me: Cow’s milk is for cow’s baby, my baby... Read more »
pregnancy coronavirus

Vaccines help the body develop immunity against a specific pathogen: Dr Manju Puri

The Union Health Ministry recently stated that pregnant women are eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19. However, there are certain women who are unaware of the benefits of getting vaccinated during their... Read more »
Y-shaped tracheal stent

Doctors treat chemo-resistant carcinoma patient using Y-shaped tracheal stent

Doctors recently used a Y-shaped tracheal stent to treat a 51-year-old patient with recurring chemo-resistant carcinoma in his trachea. The patient was only expected to live a few days or weeks, yet... Read more »
healthy diet

Plant based diet increases immunity, include it in your diet

By: Ms Preeti Seth, Nutritionist and Cosmetologist and the founder of PACHOULI WELLNESS CLINIC It is said that what we eat has a huge impact on our health. People having a well-balanced... Read more »

New study suggests that bone loss, fracture risk in women are linked to cognitive decline

According to new research, women’s cognitive decline is connected to rapid bone loss and higher fracture risk. Researchers from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research led the study, which was published in... Read more »

A new study reveals that different types of cancer are caused by identical mutations

According to a recent study performed by an international team of experts, cells coming from different organs are variably prone to activating mutations in cancer drivers, and the same mutation in pancreatic... Read more »
International Yoga Day

Latest study finds exercise can reduce the risk of obstructive sleep apnea

Maintaining an active lifestyle can lower the risk of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), according to a new study, prompting doctors to propose exercise-based therapies to people at risk. The study’s findings were... Read more »

Breastfeeding leads to lower blood pressure in toddlers: Study

According to a new study, newborns who were nursed for even a few days as toddlers had lower blood pressure, and these changes in blood pressure could transfer to better heart and... Read more »
Bone death

AVN most likely to affect younger age group: Experts

Steroids, fractures, prolonged alcohol consumption some common causes of bone death Read more »