Controversy over popping up Vitamins – Must Watch Top experts views

INTERVIEW WITH TOP EXPERTS – Dr. Ashish Khattar, General physician, Venkateshwar HospitalDr. Suranjeet Chatterjee, Senior Consultant, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Read more »

The rise in infectious disease pandemics: What role does climate change have to play?

By Dr Neeraj Nishchal Climatic changes have been associated with an increase in infectious disease pandemics, especially by previously unknown pathogens. The changing climate has been proposed as a basis for the... Read more »

My Dual Battle with Covid-19

By Dr Neeraj Nischal The COVID-19 pandemic was like a bolt from the blue, pushing the global healthcare system to the limits. Even developed countries with the best healthcare infrastructure could not cope with the first wave of... Read more »

Extent of protection from a disease is ‘Efficacy’

The U.S giant drug maker Pfizer and Moderna has announced about efficacy of 90-95%, another giant drug maker company AstraZeneca has announced efficacy of 60-70% in phase -3 clinical trials. India ‘s... Read more »

Social Vaccination: Still the way forward

By Dr. Neeraj Nischal Associate Professor, Department of Medicine , AIIMS & Dr. Sujay Halkur Shankar,Department of Medicine, AIIMS The festive season is here, and so is winter. With all of us... Read more »

Antibiotic Resistance: Silent Killer in the shadows of Covid-19

By Prof Sujata Sharma Department of Biophysics, AIIMS, New Delhi The recent pandemic of Covid-19 has led to loss of many lives and crippling of economies of several countries. However, beyond the... Read more »