pink salt

Can pink salt help you in keeping you body and mind healthy?

Pink salt has grown in popularity because of its so many health benefits. Before diving into it, let’s find out what pink salt is. What is Himalayan salt? Himalayan salt is a... Read more »
corna virus diet

This might prove to be a good immunity booster against Covid-19

To improve the immunity levels during covid times it’s important to have adequate doses of vitamin D adequate doses of vitamin C&B complex supplements also pre and probiotics naturally occurring pre and... Read more »

Obese People are More Responsive to Food Marketing, But it Changes After Weight Loss

Being obese or overweight is not just a cosmetic concern, it may have an adverse effect on your health. Obesity, which is defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in the body,... Read more »
healthy diet

Heart healthy foods to add to your diet

  Heart health is very important for normal living and food plays very important role in maintaining the heart health. Some of the food options are: Extra virgin olive oil Consumption of... Read more »

Papaya For Good Digestion

Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which is known to cause good digestion, it helps in digesting the food , as a fruit it has low calorie count, hundred grams of papaya... Read more »

Scurvy: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

Scurvy, also called vitamin C deficiency, one of the oldest-known nutritional disorders of humankind, caused by a dietary lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), a nutrient found in many fresh fruits and... Read more »
low carb indian diet

Enjoying Indian Cuisine with Low Carbs is possible with these few tips

Limiting Carbs may provide great health benefits, especially when it comes to blood sugar level, weight, blood pressure and lowering trans glycerides, but instead of having boiled and tasteless foods, you can... Read more »

Controversy over popping up Vitamins – Must Watch Top experts views

INTERVIEW WITH TOP EXPERTS – Dr. Ashish Khattar, General physician, Venkateshwar HospitalDr. Suranjeet Chatterjee, Senior Consultant, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Read more »

Boosting the body’s fat-burning system to reduce weight

By Dr Suneet Khanna HOW TO BOOST YOUR BODY’S FAT BURNING SYSTEM (METABOLISM)TO LOSE WEIGHT:A car runs on gas; you run on calories which are units of energy.In fact, your brain alone... Read more »

The trial at AIIMS proves Diet can do wonder in drug-resistant Epilepsy

By Dr Sheffali Gulati Epilepsy that fails to get controlled by two antiseizure drugs is unlikely to respond to the addition of other medications. These children are designated to have drugresistant epilepsy.... Read more »