AI tool measures fat around the heart to predict a patient’s risk of diabetes

A team led by researchers from Queen Mary University of London has developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that is able to automatically measure the amount of fat around the heart... Read more »

Drinking excess Water for Health: Truth or Myth?

“Excess water drinking leads to excess pee only but not glowing skin”, is a meme circulating in social media! Jokes apart, medical science does not endorse drinking too much water by an... Read more »
blood sugar

Blood Sugar affects the body this way

Sugar levels in our blood plays very important role for the overall functioning of our body. High or Low both affects equally. High:Makes You Pee MoreYour kidneys have to work hard to... Read more »
covid and diabetes

Diabetes Special : Risk Factor, Management and Possible Cure for Diabetes

Only On Medically Speaking. Read more »

Max Healthcare building turns into blue on World diabetes day

India has 77 million people with diabetes and in Delhi alone, the prevalence of diabetes in those over 18 years of age is almost 20%. Diabetes can be fatal if we don’t... Read more »
Combining technology with task shifting for better diabetes care - Copy

Combining technology with task shifting for better diabetes care

By Dr.Nikhil TandonDepartment of Endocrinology and MetabolismAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi In a year when the pandemic of a communicable disease has pervaded human consciousness and health systems alike,... Read more »