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DCI issues new guidelines amid coronavirus case surge

The Dental Council of India (DCI) has issued guidelines for dental colleges, dental students and dental professionals enlisting measures to prevent transmission, reduce the impacts of the outbreak, and support control measures.... Read more »
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Heart infection from mouth bacteria can be prevented by good dental health

The most important ways to reduce risk of a heart infection called infective endocarditis caused by bacteria in the mouth, can be prevented by good oral hygiene and regular dental care. There... Read more »


by Dr Shweta Verma senior Dentist Milk teeth starts erupting when the baby is around 6 months old . All the Deciduous teeth (milk teeth) erupts completely till 2 ½-3 years of... Read more »

Dental implants- Myth & Facts

By Dr. Dheeraj Kumar Koli Dental implants are screw shape devices used for anchorage for dental prosthesis i.e. crown, dentures inside the mouth. They are made of titanium alloy and serves as... Read more »

People should get quality of health services at doorstep without financial burden says Ram Madhav

The BJP’s Former National General Secretary Ram Madhav visited Hyderbad to attend the program conducted by the Dr K Satheesh Kumar Reddy who is member of the Dental Council of India and... Read more »

How long dentistry as a profession will survive in India?

By Dr Anil Chandna & Dr Anmol Kalha The unprecedented pandemic brings with it a huge weight of fear and suffering. Now after lockdown, almost all aspects of human existence are challenged,... Read more »