COVID-19 Triggered Mucormycosis on the rise again

Amid a high surge in the number of Covid cases, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is again seeing a rise in COVID-19 triggered Mucormycosis cases. In December last year, the hospital had seen... Read more »

Hearing loss expected to increase by 2050 – MUST WATCH – TOP EXPERTS VIEWS

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Dr Harsh Vardhan releases WHO’s World Report on Hearing

On the occasion of World hearing day the Union Health Minister Dr.Harsh Vardhan released WHO report that observed 2 % of India’s population , maily children, suffered fom the condition of Otitis... Read more »

World Hearing Day 3rd March , 2021:Hearing care for ALL! Screen. Rehabilitate. Communicate

By Dr Prachi Jain Mr. Kaushal is a 60-year-old gentleman, he used to run a chemist shop in a local market. Mr. Kaushal had problem of hearing, which initially started with one... Read more »

Hearing Loss is Afflicting People Globally at an Alarming Rate

By Dr (Brig) WVBS Ramalingam Hearing loss is the most widespread sensory deficit across the globe. Any hearing loss greater than 40 decibels (dB) in the better hearing ear in adults and... Read more »

Covid-19 is associated with destructive fungal infection of the Sinuses

By Dr. Alok ThakarThe COVID-19 epidemic has been noted to be associated with an increase in another type of infection- RhinoOrbitoCerbral Mucormycosis. Rhino Orbito Cerebral Mucormycosis is a dangerous infection of the... Read more »