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Superfood and Hair Health

by Pragati Singh

Holistic hair health needs nutrients both within and outside the hair. Hair gives us confidence, and because a good hair day can always set the tone for the day, fitness professionals prescribe these superfoods to not only achieve strong and healthy hair, but also boost hair development.

While most of us adhere to the age-old prescription of oiling our hair to assist in boosting hair growth, it is crucial to realise that a high protein diet and increasing the consumption of vitamins such as biotin, folate, sulphur, zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12 help to minimise hair fall. Because our luscious mane gives us confidence and a good hair day can always set our mood for the day, we enlisted the help of a few fitness experts to sort out our hair troubles and propose some superfoods to not only obtain strong and healthy hair but also encourage hair development.

Dr Akshay Batra, Managing Director at Dr Batra’s Healthcare, told HT Lifestyle, “I would recommend consuming iron-rich foods to improve iron storage and ferritin levels.” Green leafy vegetables, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, oatmeal, cereals, wheat germ, beans, tofu, nuts, pumpkin and squash seeds, liver, and mollusks are just a few examples. Those who can eat eggs should do so as often as possible because eggs are high in protein and biotin, two nutrients that promote hair growth.

Clelia Cecilia Angelon, Founder and CEO of Surya Brasil, suggested that fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidant properties must be consumed for the nourishment of hair and scalp from within. There is also a need to drink as much water as possible and avoid overexposure to the sun. “

Aarti Gill, Co-Founder of OZiva, advised, “Your diet should contain generous amounts of green leafy vegetables like spinach, which are a rich source of iron and folate required for strong hair.” Other foods, such as berries, beans, and sweet potatoes, contain essential nutrients that can help improve hair health.

“You can consider adding superfoods and green supplements to your daily dose of hair vitamins and minerals,” she adds. Biotin, or Vitamin B7, is another important component to include in your daily diet because it reduces hair fall and promotes stronger hair. Make the switch to clean, plant-based hair care products that will nourish your scalp and hair. “

Aside from these, reducing stress, avoiding heat styling or using too many hair products, and taking dermatologist-prescribed medications all help to reduce hair damage.

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