NCDRC dismisses complaint of Medical Negligence against Doctors, Hospital

court order

The National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has dismissed the complaint against a hospital and its doctors who were accused of not admitting a patient in the ICU till the arrival of the Cardiologist or that Oxygen was not given and there was a delay in the treatment of the patient.

The doctors include a cardiologist and a general physician. The complaint also alleged that proper injections were not administered to the patient. Dismissing the complaint, the commission stated, “It should be borne in mind that we are dealing with a case of alleged medical negligence and thus need to analyze whether the treating doctors or hospitals failed in their reasonable duty of care. The medical record of the Care Hospital is a vital document to prove the medical negligence if any.”

“There was past medical history of diabetes and the ECGs were confirmatory of acute MI (STEMI). Therefore, we cannot rule out the possibility that the patient developed cardiac problems during the nine months. We note that the doctors made all efforts to resuscitate the patient from the cardiac arrest but could not revive the patient. In our view, they performed their duty with reasonable standard of care. We do not find any deficiency either from the hospital or the treating doctors,” it added.

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