Delhi Medical Council appreciates Delhi Health Budget

The major focus of Government of Delhi in budget 2021 is Education and Health budget. The Government of Delhi allocated Rs.9,934 crore on Health budget, Delhi Medical Council (DMC) has appreciated the health budget.

“Great impetus in promoting health through direct and indirect measures is a very welcome step in Delhi budget of this year.14 % allocation to health is highest in the country. Free COVID vaccine to every citizen very welcome step. After all citizens health is Govt’s responsibility. Promotion of yoga and Dhyan not only in schools but also at community level will help in reducing stress related life style diseases.” said Dr Arun Gupta, President, DMC

“switching over to electric vehicle will improve air quality and decrease burden of respiratory and other illnesses.Very prudent and well thought budget.” he added

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About the Author: Shalini Bhardwaj