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Adding Muskmelon in your diet for these remarkable benefits, from arthritis to UTI

by Vaishali Sharma

Add muskmelon to your diet for these remarkable benefits, from arthritis to UTI.

Summer is also associated with juicy, refreshing, and nutrient-dense fruits with a high water content. Kharbooza, also known as muskmelon, is one of the most anticipated fruits of the season due to its unrivalled flavour and aroma. The wonderful aroma of the muskmelon, which originated in Iran, gave it its name. (Also see: 6 fantastic reasons to eat watermelon this summer.)
Muskmelon is high in potassium, vitamins, and minerals, and is beneficial to kidney, blood pressure, and eye health. It’s also a good snack for diabetics because it has a low glycemic load and keeps blood sugar levels in line.

People who suffer from constipation during the summer might benefit from muskmelon since it is high in dietary fibre and helps to relieve bowel motions. Muskmelon, which is high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, may be relied upon to boost natural immunity and protect against heart disease and cancer.

In a recent Instagram post, Ayurveda specialist Dr Dixa Bhavsar encouraged her followers to consume this “desi delicacy” throughout the summer and discussed its many advantages.
“It is beneficial for UTI (urinary tract infection), toxin flushing, and RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and gout. It also benefits the skin, keeps you hydrated in the heat, reduces constipation, and aids in the treatment of menorrhagia and other bleeding diseases. For those who suffer from heat exhaustion, this is the best option “According to the expert.

Dr. Bhavsar goes on to suggest that the fruit balances the pitta and vata doshas, and that even diabetics may consume it in moderation while it’s in season.

How to add muskmelon to your diet

Muskmelon juice: Remove seeds of the fruit and cut it into cubes. Blend two cups of muskmelon and strain to obtain juice. It is an excellent source of nutrition for babies over 6 months.

Muskmelon milkshake: Chop muskmelon into cubes, add milk, cream and some crushed ice to make muskmelon milkshake.

Muskmelon kheer: If you are looking for healthy dessert options in summer, your search ends with muskmelon kheer. Cook muskmelon cubes along with milk, sugar and dry fruits.


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