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Delhi on alarming stage; Centre may step in

by Shalini Bhardwaj

The festive onset of winter and increase in air pollution are the most important reasons behind the sudden spike in the cases of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the capital. The capital has recorded highest number Covid-19 cases in four continuous days. The situation is alarming and home ministry has also called a special review meeting with officials of the Delhi government to discuss the issue on Monday. After July this is the second time of intervention by Centre ,earlier in July meeting was held by Minister of Home Affairs Amit shah in July that meeting was attended by Delhi CM Arvind Kejiriwal, State health Minister Satyendra Jain and Chief officials after which Testing, tracing was ramped up .

“It’s combined effect of the festive season, decrease in temperature and increased pollution. The experts had also suggested that at this time COVID-19 cases could rise. People are also giving less importance to wearing face masks.” Said Satyendra Jain, Health Minister, Delhi

This is the fifth day when Delhi has reported spike of COVID-19 cases in Delhi. On Tuesday, Delhi recorded 4,853 cases and on Wednesday it reported 5,673 Covid-19 cases, on Thursday 5,739 and 5,891 on Friday with 47 deaths reported. These highest spikes have never been recorded in Delhi since the outbreak of virus.

On the other hand, due to festive season crowed in markets is increasing continuously that has become concern for everyone.

“People are giving less importance to wearing masks. Masks can protect us to large extend from winter pollution.” Said Satyendra Jain, Health Minister, Delhi

According to the experts “Citizens need to understand this everybody has to be serious people are roaming around without any precautions nobody is focusing. They are thinking “Jo Hoga Dekha Jayega” this attitude is not a good option.” Says Dr MV Padma, Sr.Neurologist, AIIMS

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