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Breaking news: Amid the 3rd wave concern, Modi Govt enables Serum Institute vaccination studying 7-11 year olds

by Pragati Singh

Fresh case coronavirus in India, active cases of coronavirus in India 28 September Update of news: Good news first! First! India’s daily cases have decreased by less than 20,000 marks after more than six months. The medical report reveals that in the last 24 hours 18, 795 fresh infections of Covid-19 were registered. There has also been a decline in the deaths of Covid. According to government data, on Tuesday, 179 deaths from Covid were officially recorded. The rate of recovery also improved to 97.81%. The updated data from CoWin shows that for the fifth time on September 27, India managed to manage more than 1 crore Covid jabs in one day. So, is everything fine? Is the coronavirus’ second wave gone?

Well, if you look at larger picture, the answer maybe a cautious yes. The warnings of third wave have not seen actualisation except in Kerala. But if you scratch the surface, you realise that there are areas of concern. While as many as 20 states report less than 100 cases now, there are still five major states that are reporting over 1,000 cases per day. Apart from worst-hit Kerala, situation is still worrisome in Maharashtra, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Another point is the testing rate. The latest ICMR data shows that little over 13 lakh tests were conducted in the country. India must test more to know the extent of the transmission. Plus with festive season around the corner and all major temples and other religious places reopening, local authorities would have to ensure strict compliance of the Covid protocols.

As India races against time to vaccinate its eligible population, despite the WHO reservation, wealthy nations are rolling out booster doses. The CDC has okayed the third dose for the vulnerable population in the US. Joe Biden, the US President was among the first beneficiaries of the booster shot. In South Korea, vaccination will soon begin for children and booster shots for the elderlies. This brings us back to the question of vaccine inequity.

The latest data published by Reuters shows that COVAX allocated more Covid-19 vaccines to nations rich countries such as the UK. Whereas poorer peer such as Botswana had to manage with just 20,000 corona shots. This kind of imbalance will force the world into a vicious loop. Because the unvaccinated population cannot only transmit the virus at a higher pace but also contribute to the deadly mutation.

It will take less than 30 days to bring the world to a halt if such a situation arises. The money used to buy ultra-cold temperature equipment for storing the vaccines can be instead used in buying more jabs for poorer nations. After the vaccine revolution, it is time for scientists to bring some newer solutions for low-maintenance vaccination set-up.


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