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Reproductive Health: 5 pointers to keep it on point!

by Pragati Singh

Menstrual health, sexual health, and fertility concerns may all be avoided with better reproductive health. So, remember these five pointers!

The health of women is vital and difficult. However, most women neglect their health because they are so preoccupied with domestic tasks, employment commitments, and other responsibilities. Whatever you do, you must pay care to your reproductive health while managing these tasks. Otherwise, you risk acquiring health problems, such as difficulty becoming pregnant or having children.

Why is reproductive health important?

The uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries comprise the female reproductive system. People usually link reproductive health with conceiving, although it should be maintained by everyone at all ages for the following reasons:

It promotes sexual wellness.
It protects against sexually transmitted illnesses such as HIV/AIDS.
Every month, it contributes to a better menstrual cycle.
It delivers a better experience throughout the pregnancy, from conception through delivery and even thereafter.
It also lowers the health risks associated with undesired births.

Five suggestions for maintaining reproductive health:

1. Always clean from front to back.

Did you know that it is critical to clean the intimate region from front to rear rather than the other way around? So, start with the vagina and work your way backward to the anus. This will keep hazardous germs that live in the anus from invading your vagina. Stay healthy by not ignoring this advise.

2. Choose cotton underwear.

Cotton is a fabric that is gentle on the skin. It promotes air circulation and quickly absorbs moisture. So, try to wear it every day to avoid infections down there.

3. Avoid using soap in that area.

You’re doing everything incorrectly if you’re using soap or other chemical stuff down there. This might result in skin dryness, discomfort, redness, or irritation. Furthermore, dangerous bacterial development is possible. It is not advisable to use soap since it will upset the pH balance down there. The vaginal organ is self-cleaning. So simply wash it with water.

4. Give up smoking

It is self-evident that smoking is harmful to one’s health. It can also have a negative impact on reproductive health. It can have an effect on how the ovaries, uterus, and other parts of the female reproductive system work. Smoking during pregnancy might also result in congenital defects in the infant.

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5. Regular screening is required.

It is imperative that you get routine screening, including Pap smears and STD and infection testing as recommended by your doctor. Early identification is critical for addressing any problem and maintaining your reproductive health. In addition to these suggestions, one simple way to prevent reproductive health problems from worsening is to address other underlying and current health issues.

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