Delhi reports probably a COVID-19 reinfection cases

It’s reported not only in India but also several other countries that few patients who already tested positive and undergone for the Covid-19 treatment they again tested positive after few months.India has also reported such cases in Maharashtra , U.P and now in Delhi first time.The reinfection cases are rare but their is possibility for such cases. In Delhi a health worker who tested negative after Covid-19 treatment reported positive after few months with similar symptoms.
“A healthcare worker at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital who presented with symptoms suggestive of acute viral illness was tested positive for COVID 19 by RT PCR. Patient was initially admitted to COVID facility for 3 days but later patient was shifted to home quarantine for 17 days in view of mild nature of her illness. She was retested before rejoining work at hospital and was found to be negative for COVID 19. She resumed her daily activity and went back to her normal life. After 2 months, she developed a fresh episode of cough, generalised weakness and malaise. Patient was investigated and was found to be COVID 19 positive once again. She was readmitted in the COVID facility and tested negative in few days after being diagnosed. During the course patient was tested for COVID 19 antibodies but her antibody levels were negative.” Says the details from Sir Gangaram hospital

According to the details shared by Sir Gangaram hospital this wasn’t just a first case but in another case a patient was middle aged man and was also having diabetes mellitus.He got discharged after few days of treatment in a hospital, but after few days he started getting abdominal distension and again he got admitted in hospital.Before the treatment doctors suggested for Covid-19 testing that resulted positive again.
“Another patient, a middle aged man, who was a known case of diabetes mellitus, had liver involvement due to alcohol and renal involvement due to diabetes. He had nasal discharge and was subsequently found to have fungal infection of sinuses (mucormycosis) in addition to COVID 19 infection (RT PCR). He was treated with antifungal and other supportive medications and about 10 days later he was tested negative for COVID and discharged home. He was readmitted due to abdominal distension 25 days later and required hospitalization during which he was retested and found COVID 19 positive.” the details shared by the Sir Gangaram hospital
Dr. Atul Kakar, Senior consultant and Vice chairman of Department of Medicine at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said “So far, re-infection with COVID has been considered as a rare possibility. Both these cases follow the defined criteria of re-infection. However, in ideal circumstances gene sequencing should have been done in both the cases. The antibody levels to COVID may have waxing weaning course, but maybe found upto 3 to 6 months post infection”.

However to confirm reinfection cases further more investigation is required . But this is also the fact that reinfection cases have been already reported many other state of India.

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