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BDR Pharma develops medicines against cancer cell replication

by Pragati Singh

Mumbai: BDR Pharma, a generic company, announces that Cabozantinib can be launched, which can treat metastatic meduller thyroid, advanced renal cell carcinoma and carcinoma of the hepatocellular cell.

Cabozantinib is prescribed as a second-line treatment for renal cell Carcinoma, apart from treating hepatocellular carcinoma, in patients receiving progressive metastatic medullary thyroid (MTC) cancer. The drug works by blocking (inhibiting) the signals that grow and divide within cancer cells. CABOZANIB showed better PFS in several studies, such as Celestial (double blind Phase III), Phase III meteor trials (Progression-Free Survival).

Elucidating on the efforts that went into developing the drug, Raheel Shah, Director of Business Development, BDR Pharmaceuticals, said: “World-class treatment at a reasonable rate was the main reason for launching the drug in India. Though we have been outstretched in all departments to deliver on COVID treatment on an emergency basis, we have not allowed this to hamper our efforts on other equally important priority segments, including oncology. The result is the advent of development of this new generic cancer molecule called Cabozantinib(Cabozanib). ”

As DGCI approved BDR Pharma’s Cabozantinib to be put into medicinal use, the company claimed that it will soon make it available in the market for treatment.


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