AIIMS reports first nerve brain damage case in 11yr old

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has reported first nerve brain damage due to COVID-19 , this patient is just 11 yr old girl.

” In adults such cases have been reported but in Paediatric this is the first case so far.” Says Dr.Sheffali Gulati, Chief , Child Neurology Division, AIIMS

According to the AIIMS draft report, the neurological problems related to COVID-19 are rare and only a few cases reported so far. The recent case is of a 11-year-old girl who lost her vision and a 12-year-old with ischemic stroke (secondary to focal cerebral arteriopathy) “Neurological manifestations associated with COVID 19 in children are rare and limited to few case reports/series. These case reports illustrate acute symptomatic seizures, new-onset status epilepticus (secondary to probable encephalitis) in an 11-year-old, ischemic stroke (secondary to focal cerebral arteriopathy) in a 12-year-old.”

“This girl had come to us with a loss of vision. We tested it as routine before admission into ward from casualty but significantly she is improving.” Says Dr.Sheffali Gulati, Chief , Child Neurology Division, AIIMS

The girl was undergoing treatment under Dr. Sheffali and now she has been discharged after giving immunotherapy her 50% of vision regained during treatment in AIIMS.
As we know that Covid-19 is likely to around for a long time. So, It’s important to take precautions “Children have to be taught all the things, it’s difficult but need to be done. Especially difficult for children who have special needs and may not be able to understand all this.” Says Dr.Shefali Gulati, Chief, Child Neurology Division, AIIMS

Less immunization is also one of the reason so its important for parents to get their children immunization timely.

“We have to have routine immunizations continued which have become less during this lockdown etc.” Dr. Sheffali Adds

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