Some states still need more attention to control COVID-19 cases says Dr.VK Paul

In India, there are many states who are still reporting COVID-19 higher number of cases like Uttarakhand, Nagaland, and Himachal Pradesh.According to Dr. VK Paul, who is Member (Health) . Nitiyog said “There are states where we still have concerns. We request the govt and citizens of Uttarakhand, Nagaland, and Himachal Pradesh that every effort be made to bring the situation under control.”

During the press briefing of Ministry of Health on COVID-19 Dr VK Paul , Member (Health), NITI Aayog congratulated the Government of Delhi for a significant control on COVID-19 cases, “We are happy to note that Delhi has made progress, we congratulate the Govt of Delhi as well as the other governments who have done so well in contributing towards such a significant control in the recent times.”

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