More than 65 people tested Covid-19 positive in IIT Rajasthan

Jodhpur: Almost 65-70 people at Rajasthan’s IIT Jodhpur have been tested positive for Covid-19 of which 55-60 cases are active, P Singh Deputy Chief Medical Health Officer (CMHO) informed on Sunday.

He said, “Around March 11, some persons infected with Covid-19 had come here. They were from tribal villages Chandigarh, Gujarat and Jaipur. Then the cases started increasing.”

“We have increased the sampling, so contact tracing can be done,” he added.

“Cases are increasing in Jodhpur. The police and medical departments are on alert. Sampling has been increased, anyone coming from outside Jodhpur, be it airport, bus stand or railway station, RTCPR tests are mandatory for them,” P Singh said.

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