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Delhi reports cases of swine flu

by Pragati Singh
swine flu

Due to the considerable increase in Swine Flu cases in other states and the continuous rise in Coronavirus infections, health experts have issued a warning about the danger of infection in the nation’s capital. According to experts, Delhi too recorded a surge in Swine Flu infections in August 2021.

“The season of swine flu infection has officially begun. According to Dr. Avi Kumar, Senior Consultant Pulmonology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, cases have recently begun to rise in Maharashtra.

Dr. Avi responded, “Swine Flu is typically caused by the influenza virus, which is found in pigs, when questioned about the symptoms of the disease.

Fever, sore throat, runny nose, and nasal block are some of the signs of the swine flu. Basically, the virus affects the upper respiratory system.”

Dr. S. Chatterjee, senior consultant in internal medicine at Indraprastha Apollo, added, “As of right now, I haven’t noticed many cases of swine flu in Delhi. But it might occur at any time. You’ll feel the flu-like symptoms when the season arrives.”

Dr. Chatterjee claims that swine flu can harm other bodily organs. He stated: “The other systems may also be involved. When it affects several organ systems, it may then present with a variety of symptoms. When the pandemic was at its worst, we witnessed a great number of fatalities.

Given that the respiratory system is involved, it may result in multi-organ failure.”

“People that handle pigs are typically the ones who contract swine flu. There are also reports of transfer between people. Therefore, it’s crucial that you regularly wash your hands with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer “explained Dr. Avi.

“Avoid travelling to crowded locations and refrain from touching the faces of those who have been exposed to the disease. Young children, those under 65, and those with comorbid conditions are more susceptible to infection “Added he.

The Fortis doctor claims that although it is significantly less contagious than Covid-19, it can still result in death for the infected person.

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“Swine flu and COVID-19 infections typically have similar symptoms.

In the past, people with Covid infections would lose their sense of smell and taste, but now days the symptoms are very similar. Compared to the swine flu, COVID-19 is more communicable, infectious, and spreads more quickly. According to him, the intensity of the increase also gets worse in Covid.

Death due to Swine Flu

Thus, the swine flu can undoubtedly result in mortality. It must be taken care of as a result. The doctor said, “But there is still no need to worry about it; if one has a fever, Covid-19, Swine flu, or an ordinary cold, then the therapy becomes easy.”

More than 142 Swine Flu cases and seven fatalities have been documented so far in Maharashtra, along with cases in Kerala and Uttar Pradesh.

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