Man lights cigarette after using sanitizer, sparks set ablaze, suffers burns

covid patients die due to fire

Chennai: A man suffered critical burns after lighting a cigarette after using a hand sanitizer on Saturday night.

The patient’s family told police that just after he got home and sanitized his hands, but a few drops fell on his shirt. When informed, he said he would change the shirt after a bath and went to the bathroom where he lit a cigarette. A few sparks of the lighter fell on his shirt setting him ablaze, reported Deccan Herald.

The patient was immediately rushed to the Government Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital, where his condition was described as serious. According to the cop, the man had burns on his face, neck, chest, abdomen, and both hands.

Despite the fact that sanitizers evaporate within 2-5 seconds of application, doctors warn that using a cigarette or other flame-inducing object poses a risk. Since sanitisers contain up to 62 per cent ethyl alcohol, they are dangerous and highly flammable, and hence doctors recommend that they should be used with caution and allowed to dry before lighting a fire.

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