BREAK THE CHAIN , Maharashtra Govt. releases strict guidelines for Public transport

uddhav thackrey

The Public Transport will be fully operational in Maharashtra with following restrictions:

1.AUTO RICKSHAW – Diver + 2 passengers only

2.TAXI (4 Wheelers) – Driver + 50% vehicle capacity as per RTO

3.BUS – Full seating occupancy as per RTO passing, No standing passengers will be allowed.

4. Its compulsory for all passengers using public transport to wear mask, the offender will have to pay fine of Rs 500 each that includes driver also.The same rule to be followed by 4 wheeler taxi.

5.All vehicles to be sanitized after every trip.

6.All the transport staff to get vaccinated before to come into contact with the public and get negative report after testing .

5. In case not following vaccination and testing guidelines then a fine of 1000 will be charged .

6.In case of out-station passengers trains, railway authorities to ensure that there should be standing passengers in the general compartment and passengers must wear a mask.

7.Fine will be charged for not wearing masks.

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