24×7 vaccination facility to be started in Gurugram

corona vaccine

Five Hospitals of Gurugram hospitals are about to introduce 24×7 vaccination facility from March 15 and Gurugram will become the first district to do so. People are being vaccinated on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in government hospitals in Gurugram while it goes on from Monday to Saturday in private hospitals.
As of now, 22 government and 45 private hospitals are administering covid vaccines in the District. Seven new private hospitals will be added to the list of these 45 hospitals and vaccination here will start from Saturday, a health official said.
Dr. Virender Yadav, Civil Surgeon of Gurugram said that this decision has been taken with a view to provide accessible vaccination facilities to the people to protect them from the deadliest virus. He said, “The way the number of Covid patients is increasing in the country, it seems that there may be an increase in the number of positive cases in the coming days, so everyone should be prepared. If cases increase, the number of beds reserved for Covid patients can be be increased in private hospitals as before.”
“The container zone will be barricaded as before and there will be restrictions on movement. We also urged the police officers to put police personnel on duty outside the containment zones as before. Those who do not follow the Covid protocol should be penalized,” he added.
Apart from this, a Covid Vaccination helpline has also been started.
“On this helpline number, any person can get information related to Covid Vaccination like schedule of vaccination, places of vaccination, its side-effects or other effects, etc.,” Yadav said.
The helpline number is – 108, mobile number – 7015663108, 24 hour information can be obtained. On 0124-2322412, information will be available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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