2DG: How effective is it?


How 2DG works against Covid?

  • 2DG is actually an altered form of the 2DG molecule that treats tumors, cancer cells. It was found in the trial that not only is 2DG Covid effective in treating patients, the admission in the hospital also reduces the dependence of patients on oxygen.
  • Currently, permission has been given to use this medicine like a secondary medicine. That is, it will be used in support of primary medicine. This drug is largely like glucose, but not actually glucose. The virus starts making its copies as soon as it reaches the body, for this it needs strength which is provided by glucose.
  • When given this medicine, the virus will take this glucose analog and get trapped in it. The result will be that the virus will not be able to make its copies, that is, its growth will stop.

Is it effective against Covid variants?

According to Dr. Anil Mishra, director of INMAS, 2DG captures the virus that makes up its copy. That is, if there is any variant of the virus, it will search for food and as soon as it moves to satisfy his hunger, this medicine will trap it.

According to Dr. Mishra, after taking this medicine, the demand for oxygen increases as the virus rapidly multiplies. Once that process is stopped, the crisis of oxygen will also end.

2DG: Doses and Price range

According to INMAS scientist Dr. Sudhir Chandna, this drug will be available as a sachet. Just as you dissolve and drink ORS in water, you will also be able to take it by mixing it with water. He said that this medicine would have to be taken twice a day. Covid-19 patients may need to be given this medicine for 5 to 7 days for complete recovery.

Nothing has been said about the price yet. According to Dr. Chandana, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory will take a decision in this regard. Although he said that the drug should be affordable, it would be taken care of. According to sources, the price of a sachet can be between Rs. 500 and Rs. 600.

When will it arrive? Are there any side-effects?

The drug will be available to the general public after its launch on 17 May. Its production is being increased rapidly so that it can reach more and more patients.

When asked about the side effects, Dr. Chandana said that during the trial, the normal and serious patients were given this medicine. All patients benefited from this drug, no adverse effects were seen on any. According to him, it can be said that this drug has no side effects.

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