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Moscow claims that India might supplant West in Russian pharma sector

by Pragati Singh

Russian envoy to India Denis Alipov said on Friday that Indian pharmaceutical businesses may replace Western producers abandoning the Russian market.
“In several areas, including medicines, the departure of numerous Western corporations from the Russian market and the niches that have been deserted may really be taken by Indian enterprises,” Alipov told the Rossiya 24 channel, as reported by Sputnik news agency.
India, according to the recently appointed Russian envoy, is a “global pharmacy” and a top creator of medication duplicates that are as good as the original.

Last year, India’s Vaccine Maitri project solidified its position as the world’s “pharmacy.” At important junctures of the epidemic, world leaders publicly praised India’s efforts to swiftly boost vaccine production and supplies.
This move to change pharmaceutical makers comes at a time when Russia is facing sanctions from Western countries. Russia is now aiming to expand its economic ties with non-European nations.
In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, Alipov claimed earlier this month that Moscow has embraced India’s autonomous foreign policy.

In response to a question on India’s ties, Alipov stated, “The Prime Minister (Modi) and the Indian leadership adhere to the state’s persistent independent foreign policy. We have indicated repeatedly that we support India’s autonomous foreign policy and its efforts to increase its position and influence in the international arena.”
The Russian envoy also praised India’s foreign policy position on the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine.


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