No evidence of current vaccines to fail against the new variant says, Prof K.Vijay Raghavan

India’s principal scientific adviser Vijay Raghavan during press briefing informed about the new variant of coronavirus detected in India also in Covid-19 patients traveled from the UK is spreading rapidly in UK.

“Vaccines will work against the variants detected in UK and South Africa. There is no evidence that current vaccines will fail to protect against these #COCID19 variants.” said Prof K. Vijay Raghavan

“The major population is still susceptible to #COVID19 infection in this cold weather.UK variant has travelled to several other countries and also to India, this variant may have its own run & we have to very careful. One can’t be careless V K Paul, Member (Health), Niti Aayog

During a press briefing, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan also informed about genome sequencing in 10 labs across the country, “India has done prior to the news about UK variant roughly 5,000 genome sequences across labs. Now we’ll be significantly increasing that number and would be working in a coordinated manner.”

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