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Is Human Element Missing In Russian ‘Action’ In Ukraine?

by Dr Aaloc Srivastav

By: Dr. Aaloc Srivastav, IAS(Rtd), Former C.S, Sikkim

The unfortunate campaign or Special Operation began on 24th February to “Clear” Ukraine of So Called Neo Nazis and Druggists.
So soon fourth week has begun, with hardly any sign of reduction in unwanted shelling, bombing, killing and surrounding main cities. But NO Intent of capturing per se.

A former World Boxing champion of Ukraine has called it not only destroying structures but destroying the whole country.

2) With drastically restricted or no food ,water, electricity and gas in urban areas ( think about sanitation),British P.M. has the audacity to say “We should not have tolerated Russia’s act of annexation of Crimea in 2014.”
AND perhaps after feeling so, he is visiting Middle East in the same way as Israeli P.M. has done in immediate past or Chinese President may visit Saudi Arabia in future, ostensibly sensing latter’s present distance from USA. Approaches are changing or a Course correction is likely ?

Will America’s loss be a gain for China when she is opening its card vis a vis Russia ?

3) Present status quo in Ukraine looks to continue for the time being due to strong determination of Ukraineans , supported by latest weapons(17,000 anti tank devices)from Sweden, Germany, Spain etc. But it is the U.S. made Javelin missile, launched from shoulder, that has become THE weapon of choice.


Consideration For Humanity ?

4) In the name of humanity, While UNO and its organs are maintaining silence after initial futile attempts, the International Court of Justice, has NOW asked Russia to cease immediately its ‘Special Military Operations’.

The Council of Europe, continent’s foremost human rights body too has expelled Russia but 47 member U.N. Human Rights Commission has also kept quiet so far.
Incidently, both Russia and Ukraine happen to be its members. All members are supposed to abide by the Declaration of Human Rights ,signed in Paris on 10th of December,1948,also observed as Human Rights Day.

Diplomacy Through Parliament

5) Under the present state of insecurity, it would have been Herculean to gather the Law Makers in Ukraine Parliament building. They succeeded ,sang national anthem and re strengthened their Resolve.
President Zelensky with his new look, also went to address U.S. and German parliaments virtually ,having done so earlier before the Canadian and British Parliaments.
Receiving a standing ovation, he reiterated support for No Fly Zone over Ukraine and much tougher sanctions against Russia.
U.S. President obliged by acceding to $ One Billion aid , in addition to explosive Drones. Also he seems to have pleased President Biden by declaring him as “Leader of World & of Peace”.

Zelensky’s political comedy titled ‘ Servants of People’ is also back on Netflix in USA. It starred him as a teacher who becomes President of Ukraine after a video of him, complaining of corruption, went viral.
Has’nt a dream turned into a Reality?

Nice Gesture of Neighbours

6) Prime Ministers of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia, all members of E.U. and NATO paying a visit to Kyiv to express their solidarity is a confidence boosting measure.
Also a matter of caution and interest will be Chinese President’s visit to Riyadh America ‘s loss may be China’s gain, latter having already got a foothold in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka earlier.

India’s Stand

7) Having fulfilled her commitment of evacuation of over 22 thousand nationals, India, while maintaining a neutral stand and with a view to minimize the effect of war on economy, has gone ahead to order more than 3 Million barrels of Russian crude oil, by negotiating a ‘deep’ discount of $ 20 to 25 a barrel.
On wheat, fertilizer and Sunflower Oil front ,however, impact of war is being felt ,as Russia and Ukraine both are leading exporters.
Even when plight of citizens is pathetic in all the areas under seize, in terms of supply of food, water, electricity and gas,
European countries continue to get supplies of Russian gas.


8) According to a report, upto 14th March,1834 Russian civilian deaths had occurred while in case of Ukraine, it was 691. Calculation of exact number of soldiers who have succumbed on both the sides, may not be easy, but President Putin’s grim face and designs appear to show now some signs of compromise.

9) Pain and misery of defiant Ukraineans must come to an end, together with reckless bombing of hospitals and residential areas.
Also good sense should prevail in regard to further degradation of Environment and ensuring nuclear security.
In immediate future, more anti tank devices may arrive with more explosive Drones , But life of average Ukrainean may continue to be grim and sad for the sake of someone else’s ego. He has to face the actual battle, Not the Instigators or the sympathizers.

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