A person with low immunity can get COVID-19 Reinfection says Dr. Randeep Guleria

In some countries ‘credible’ cases have been reported of reinfection. Recently in India also a study done by CSIR-IGIB reported reinfection cases of Asymptomatic patients. According to Dr.Randeep Guleria who is Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) reveals in a brief Interview with Medically Speaking team about the facts and reason behind the reinfection cases so far.

Can a person get COVID-19 twice ?

If a person recovers from COVID-19, it doesn’t mean he/she wouldn’t get re-infection or it gives immunity passport. We were initially saying previously people felt that if a person gets COVID-19 infected and recovers then he/she may have an immunity passport and now protected from getting the infection again. But now there are some doubts that if a person may not have protection after some months especially if a person had a mild infection in the past.

What precautions people should take to protect themselves from Reinfection?

Even if you get recovered from COVID-19 infection then also you must continue to practice all the precautions in terms of physical distancing , wearing a mask and handwashing.

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