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Medical racism shapes US healthcare: Report

by Vaishali Sharma

According to Press TV in Iran, medical racism in the US has a negative impact on ethnic minorities’ general well-being and health as well as their mistrust of the US healthcare system.

“Some American doctors can tell so much just by the colour of your skin. If it happens to be black, or off-white, for example, they staunchly believe you do not feel as much pain as white people do,” said the report. What is more disturbing is that if you’re not white, doctors may think that you are probably lying about your condition and the extent of pain experienced. You will not receive the same treatment even with the same insurance coverage, it added.

In 2020, The Undefeated and the Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a national study, and the results showed that seven out of ten African Americans thought patients were treated entirely unjustly when they sought medical attention based on their race or ethnicity.

According to the essay, the persistent racial stereotype that African Americans are “less than human” in American society is the primary cause of medical racism.

According to the paper, as long as these belief systems persist, efforts to eradicate racism will simply be tokenistic and futile.

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