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Monkeypox, unlikely to become pandemic: WHO

by Pragati Singh

The current monkeypox outbreak outside of Africa, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is “unlikely” to escalate to a pandemic. However, the organisation stressed that it is still uncertain if asymptomatic infected people can transmit the disease.

Dr. Rosamund Lewis of the World Health Organization said there are still many unknowns regarding the disease, including the specific reason for its spread. Lewis further stated that the vast majority of instances are seen in gay and bisexual people, and that those who are at risk should exercise caution.

The outbreaks are concerning because, unlike the current wave of infections, monkeypox, which is spread by close contact and was initially discovered in monkeys, is predominantly found in western and central Africa and only very rarely spreads elsewhere.

There have been no deaths reported in the latest outbreak outside of Africa so far. Scientists are still trying to figure out if the monkeypox outbreak in developed countries can be linked back to Africa.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of monkeypox?

Fever, body pains, chills, and weariness are the most common symptoms of monkeypox. A rash and lesions on the face and hands may appear in people who have a more serious condition, and these lesions can spread to other parts of the body.



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