On World Stroke Day -MOHFW has released few important preventive measures

It’s important for a healthy lifestyle to stay away from a few bad habits and adopt good habits. Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has released a few important points that will protect from a stroke.

  1. No smoking
  2. No alcohol
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Do Exercise

A stroke can happen anyone , anytime and anywhere.One in four adult can suffer from stroke in lifetime ,but being active and decrease the risk.A stroke cases are increasing worldwide due to various reasons thta includes unhealthy lifestyle.

According to the tweet by Union health ministry the technique FAST can be helpful to know timely about stroke.

F – Face – one side dropping

A – A – Arms – One of the arms drifts back down when both arms drifted.

S – Speech – Slurred or odd speech

T – Time – Time call for medical help

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