IMA urges to follow trace , test and treat to overcome second COVID wave


The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has urged to all the stakeholders to come forward with more dedicated tests , trace and carry appropriate behavior.

In an official statement IMA has appealed and warned regarding the un-scientific drugs and procedures to treat COVID-19, “IMA urges all to come forward with more dedicated Test, trace and carry on appropriate protocol for treating without falling prey to un-scientific selfish centered promotion of certain drug and procedures.”

“IMA appeals to the people to not to get panic as India is fully powered to treat the acute effects of this disease and hence use designated centers of excellence for early treatment if you contact the disease and also avoid unnecessary travel and public gatherings.” it stated

The association has also requested people to take vaccination at the earliest without hesitancy and also adopt appropriate behavior.

“We request all our people to kindly take vaccination at the earliest ,spiritually adopt  the principles of Covid appropriate behaviors like physical distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene  and appropriate  masking to protect the people from spread of Infection, Test, Trace and appropriate treatments as promoted by our  Honorable Prime Minister shall be our tool to protect us from this pandemic. Vaccination drive should be promoted with much more fastness and even to the extent of providing them at doorsteps without any payments. The Covid protocol should be strictly enforced during the election rituals and more care to improve physical infrastructure of having well ventilated rooms, restrictions of continuous or cumulative contact time etc. in schools and polling booths.”

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