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IMA opposes Centre on the integration of modern medicine with Ayush

by Shalini Bhardwaj

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has strongly opposed centre on mixing medical education with Ayurveda , homeopathy, Yoga and Unani.

“The medical fraternity of our country is highly perturbed by the recent policy changes regarding medical education practice, research, and administration. The radical changes that are being institutionalised will have a series of impacts on the health of our people.” IMA stated

 The reaction of IMA has come after the Niti Aayog officially formed the four committees to integrate all systems of medicine. These committees are in the area of medical education, clinical practice, public health, medical research and administration.

“The most importantly Ima opposes mixing of the system of medicine.IMA warns the people that millions of lives will be lost before any rectification can be made.IMA stands for purity of systems of modern medicine as well as Ayush. It is not in the  interest of traditional systems either to lose their identity and further development.” Further added in a statement

According to the Dr.Rajan Sharma, President IMA “IMA is concerned about the developments and has taken upon itself the campaign to sensitize the people on the dangers of shifting to an integrative system of medicine.

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