Dr V K Paul appreciates IMA for accepting and supporting the COVID-19 vaccines

New Delhi-During the press briefing ahead before COVID-19 vaccination, Dr. VK Paul, Member(Health), Niti Aayog appreciated the Indian Medical Association (IMA) on accepting and supporting the two vaccines, he said, “The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has decided to accept & support the two indigenously developed vaccines (Covishield & Covaxin). I would like to thank them for this.”

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Monday requested its branches that 3.5 lakhs members in 1800 Local branches to voluntarily come out to
get vaccinated first to show to the world that these vaccines are safe and efficacious.
“IMA recognizes the great services of the healthcare team including nurses, para-medical personnel, ASHA, and Anganwadi workers, hospital support colleagues, ambulance team and all other healthcare workers who have
contributed in this Corona control program. It is the time to honor them with protective Covid vaccination,” the IMA said in a statement

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