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Doctor murders wife, gets trapped in own vehicle while escaping

by Shalini Bhardwaj

Tamil Nadu’s thirty-five-year-old Dr. Gokulkumar brutally murdered his wife by first slitting her throat and then running his car over her on Friday. In an attempt to flee, he got trapped near Achiruppakkam toll plaza, where his vehicle overturned.

The doctor was rescued by a team of local police who admitted him to a general hospital and found out about the murder.

The police said he also assaulted his in-laws before attempting to escape. He was later arrested and a court sent him to jail.

Gokulkumar, a practicing doctor at a private hospital in Potheri, got married to M Keerthana, an employee at the Human Resource Department at a college Melmaruvathur three years ago. The former had suspected the wife’s fidelity and quarreled constantly upon the same for almost six months, until Keerthana left him and went to her parents’ house in Madurantakam.

Gokulkumar went after her to negotiate on Friday but after some time he took a knife from the kitchen and slit her throat. Hearing the screams of the victim, the parents rushed and got attacked too. The Keerthana tried to escape but Gokulkumar followed her in his car and ran over her. Neighbors heard the screams and came out and along with the family, took the victim to a hospital where she was declared dead.

On the other hand, Gokulkumar hit a median near a toll plaza near Achirappakkam and got trapped. Passersby alerted the police and a team led by inspector Sarvanan rescued him and sent him to Chengalpet GH for treatment. After investigation, the police got to know about the crime and informed Madurantakam police station, where a case got registered against the accused and he was arrested.  

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