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NBE issues clarification on payment of annual course fee by DNB,FNB and DrNB

by Medically Speaking Team

New Delhi – National Board of Education released a clarification notice on payment of annual course fee by DNB, FNB and DrNB trainees who are now required to pay the fees directly to the board.

It is further notified that the fee shall be applicable for the all ongoing Board Speciality (DNB), Super Speciality (DrNB) and Fellowship (FNB) trainees irrespective of their year of joining.

  • Annual fees is payable to NBE at commencement of each academic session.
  • Annual course fee shall be transferred to concerned hospital as per notice dt. 15.02.2021.
  • For any queries please write to NBE at [email protected] .
FeeGST @ 18%Total
Rs. 1,25,000/-Rs. 22,500/-Rs. 1,47,500/-

The entire course fee is to be payed as one single transaction. Further, it is to be noted that the payment of GST, presently @18%, is mandatory as per government directives. In case the hospital does not provide accommodation/residential  facilities, NBE trainee is eligible to claim refund of the accommodation fee of Rs. 20,000/- per year directly from the concerned hospital. The annual course fee shall be paid by the NBE trainee only though online mode, and only into the following bank account :

Bank NameA/c No.IFSC CodeBank Branch Address
Indian Bank6626884509IDIB000D046Aggarwal Mall, 1st floor, Ashirwad Chowk, Sector 5, Dwarka, New Delhi

The receipt of the annual course fee payment to NBE, along with requisite details, shall mandatorily be sent by the NBE trainees to [email protected] in the following format within two weeks of the payment of the annual course fee :

Name of the trainee 
Speciality in which the training is being undertaken 
Name of the Hopital 
Date of joining of NBE training by the trainee 
Mobile number 
Date of transaction 
UTR no. of transaction 
Account number and IFS code from which payment has been made  Account number           IFS CODE    

NBE trainees may note that if they have paid the annual course fee directly to the hospital before issuamce of this notice, proof of payment of such fees directly to the concerned, hospital, along with the above mentioned details is to be sent to [email protected].

The annual course fee, along with the GST, for each NBE trainee shall be transferred by NBE to the concerned hospital in bi-annual installments, i.e. each installment shall be 50% of the annual course fee, along with GST. Failure to pay the annual course fee to NBE or sharing the above mentioned requisite details shall lead to de-registration and the candidature of the NBE trainee shall stand cancelled.

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