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UP police arrests MBBS student, BDS student for involvement in NEET paper solver scam

by Vaishali Sharma

A final year MBBS student from KGMU and a BDS student from Patna were recently apprehended by Uttar Pradesh Police for their involvement in a large NEET paper solver scam.
The mother-daughter couple were apprehended by police at a NEET test centre at St Francis’ Xavier School, Tadia Sona Talabin Varanasi’s Sarnath, while the KGMU final year MBBS student used to work for the Patna-based solvers gang.

Police have come to know that from Patna gang used to operate in multiple states, including Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, adds India Today. They used to charge a candidate Rs.20 to 25 lakh and out of this, Rs.5 lakh would be taken in advance and the solver would get it.

Although Police nabbed the mother-daughter duo, gang member who gave them the proposal for impersonating a NEET candidate somehow managed to escape.

An FIR was lodged under section 419 (cheating by personation), 420(cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), 467 (forgery), 468(forgery for purpose of cheating), 471(fraudulently or dishonestly uses as genuine any document which he knows or has reason to believe to be a forged document) and 34(criminal act is done by several persons in furtherance of the common intention) of IPC against them with Sarnath police.

As per the latest media report by India Today, busting a solver gang, the Uttar Pradesh Police recently nabbed a BDS student and her mother from the examination center. Police had further come to know that the gang included several doctors and students of many prestigious medical colleges including BHU and KGMU.

The BDS student was pursuing her medical education from BHU ad is in medical education from BHU and is in the second year of the course. The mother of the student has also been arrested as police came to know that the mother took RS 5 lakh from the solver gang at the behest of her son and made her daughter appear in the NEET examination in the place of a candidate belonging to Tripura.

The BDS student had cleared NEET two years ago and her father runs a vegetable shop in Patna.

As the Police started investigating the matter, they came to know of a bigger racket where a total number of three teams were working together to make a list of candidates who had passed NEET one or two years ago shortlisting those with financial difficulties.

Another group was working on compiling a database of students who had failed the exam but could afford to pay. Finally, the third team would create a database comprising students who are willing to solve problems and those who are prepared to pay for them.
To guarantee that the solver has a smooth admission into the test hall, the original candidate’s photo and the solver candidate’s photo will be distorted to create a photo that will be placed on the admit card.
The gang’s boss, who is from Patna, has already been recognised by police. This man apparently does not use social media or even a smartphone in order to conceal his identity and avoid being caught.

While commenting on the matter, Varanasi Police Commissioner Satish Ganesh has informed the daily that this kingpin used to communicate with the other gang member through letters. In fact, he travels by train and avoids boarding plane so that he doesn’t identified.

Soon afterward the police arrested the duo and came to know of this NEET solver racket, two more people have been arrested in this connection on Tuesday. One of them in final year MBBS

Student of KGMU, who used to work for the Patna- based gang and find aspirants for them, adds

The other person arrested in this connection is the BDS student’s brother, who had convinced his sister for appearing in the exam in the place of a candidate after getting a proposal of getting Rs.5 lakh from the solver gang.

Speaking to TOI, CP Satish Ganesh said, “This gang used to take contracts to send impersonators to appear in the entrance exam. In case a candidate qualifies for the exam, the gang charges anything from Rs.30 lakhs from the candidates.”

“Police have recovered copies of 15 admit cards, four photos of aspirants, four receipts of couriers, two mobile phones containing chatting of gang members, details of money transaction and other items,” he added.

Both the persons arrested on Tuesday have divulged the names of the members of their gang belonging to UP, Bihar and have been formed to nab the other members as well as the kingpin of the gang,” he further mentioned.“

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