Haryana government hikes fees up to 40 lakh for MBBS

The students who wants to make their dream come true to become a doctors will not be so easy after the increase in fee structure in Haryana. The students will have to pay 40 lakh for four years course. Medical fraternity and Teachers are clearly criticizing the government’s decision.The fees which was 50,000 per year has increased to 10 lakh per year.The state government came out with a policy that states candidates selected for MBBS degree in medical colleges need to execute an annual bond for Rs10lakh minus the fee at the start of every year academic year. After which all the members of the Haryana State Medical Teachers Association (HSMTS) have opposed the state’s move and saying it as an irrational decision which will become difficult for those who are from middle or lower middle class income families. Who aspire to become doctor.

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