Guidelines for DM in Medical Genetics released by NMC

The National Medical Commission has released guidelines for the new competency-based PG training program for DM in Medical Genetics. This new course provides a new opportunity of Super Specialization for all those doctors who have completed their PG degree in Medicine, Pediatrics or Obstetrics & Gynecology.

The guidelines include the specific objectives of the course stating that Competency based training for DM in Medical Genetics aims to produce a Post Graduate student who after undergoing the required training should be able to deal effectively with the needs of the patients, community and should be competent to handle medical problems related to genetic disorders. These include clinical evaluation, investigations, genetic work ups requiring pre-test and post-test counselling, up to-date information and abilities to carry out novel treatments and skills for planning and implementation of population-based prevention programs. Last but not least, be ready for carrying out clinical practice of personalized medicine in the 21stcenturymolecular medicine era. The post graduate student should also acquire skills to teach Medical Genetics to undergraduates and paramedical students as well.

To view the full document containing guidelines, click on the following link:

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