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5 household items that can help replace workout equipment to lose fat

by Medically Speaking Team
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If you don’t have a full-fledged gym at home for your regular workouts, don’t worry because you can use common household items for the same purpose.

We have compiled a list of inexpensive home products that you can utilise to lose weight. Most likely, you already have everything you need at home and may begin right away.

Water bottles or soup cans

Because an eight-ounce water bottle weights roughly one-and-a-half pounds, you can use one in each hand for some lighter arm workouts. Although cans are lighter, they can also be used as lightweights.

A sack of sugar or flour

If you’re thinking of doing some weight lifting, you could get any of these sacks and put them in your “home gym,” where you can conveniently use them.

A towel

Towels can be used for more than merely wiping away sweat after a workout. To make a DIY resistance band, simply draw it straight between your hands.

Vacuum Cleaner

To get some at-home sledge pushes, pile some weight on top of your vacuum cleaner and move it around the room.

A backpack

To add some extra poundage to your bodyweight moves, fill a backpack with cans and bottles. Wear it for squats, lunges, pushups, or when you’re running up and down the stairs.

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