New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) gears for Covid-19 vaccines program. India to start dry run for Covid-19 vaccination from 2nd Jan in all the states.Now, the Indian medical association that has the largest number of doctors registered is ready to contribute in the vaccination program.

“Current priority will be to protect the health care workers and those at high risk to mitigate the public health and economic impact of pandemic,” says Dr Jaya lal , President ,IMA

 “Government of India have announced and started collecting data of the health care professionals across the country to be considered for 1st phase of vaccination IMA represented to the Government to consider health care workers as the 1st preference in vaccine. IMA came forward in help the GOVT in compiling the data by appointing nodal officers on each of its branches. IMA having its branches even in Rural, semi-urban areas are ready to provide human resources, training, campaigning creating awareness of the public, clearing their doubts, worries, and hesitancy. IMA ready to spare their expertise manpower to the Government right from district level to the national level for various expert committees for vaccination.

IMA has also formed the COVID TASK FORCE TO HELP COVID VACCINE implementation and ready to come forward to allow the space like their building / halls for mass vaccination program.

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