IMA appreciates Indian Scientists and Researchers on COVID-19 Vaccine

The Indian Medical Association(IMA) has appreciated and lauded Indian Scientists and Researchers, after the approval of COVID-19 vaccines,“We, at Indian Medical Association, appreciate the contributions of all Indian Scientists and Researchers who have relentlessly spent their time in making this dream a success and contributing to develop Self-sufficient India.” said Dr J A Jayalal, President, IMA

During the press briefing, the Indian Medical Association(IMA) appealed to all the members of the association to actively participate in COVID19 Vaccination drive across the country that can start anytime after the official declaration.

“It is an immediate appeal to all members of this mighty association to actively participate in the Covid Vaccination drive across the country. Indian Medical Association, as the sole representative of modern medicine in India & the largest association in the world, shall rightfully assist the government vaccination drive in every possible way professionally. IMA Headquarters shall send timely details of the drive. Public awareness & countering the myths on social media must be on priority.”said Dr.Jayalal

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