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Gender equality versus Gender Equity this Womens day

by Brig.Dr. Shashivadhanan

By: Brig.Dr. Shashivadhanan,

MS, DNB(Gen Surgery), MCh, DNB(Neurosurgery),

MNAMS, FIGASS (Copenhagen),

FICS(Chicago), FIMSA

Professor(Surg & NeuroSurg)

This year the theme for International Women's Day is “Gender equality todayg
for a sustainable tomorrow”. One must not confuse Equality with Equity.
‘’Gender equality’’ means equal outcomes for women, men and gender-
diverse people. ‘Gender equity’ is the process to achieve gender equality.
Gender equity recognizes that women and men are not in a level playing field
at the starting point. This is because of biological, historical and social
differentiation. Science has proven that no two living beings are similar. Let
alone men and women. Even twins differ in their genetic makeup. Precision
medicine and personalized medicine is an upcoming field which recognizes the
fact that each individual is different and therefore requires personalized heath
care intervention.
Gender equality if achieved 100% may put the world at a disadvantage. Why
has God or the evolutionary process, made this differentiation between men
and women? Why some life forms are made great and some small? One must
understand that evolution & creation is impossible without differentiation. No
two beings are alike in the Cosmos. Going back to sameness is going back to
destruction. It would mean all beings fighting for the same resources for their
sustenance. This is a state unwanted by any living being . Creation proceeds
with differentiation. Bodies vary, species vary, and attainments vary. There is
grandeur in the infinite varieties we see in nature. Nature provides enough
opportunities for each being to grow differentiate & evolve.

What is required at this stage is, bringing about an attitudinal change. It’s not
only women but all life forms which deserve dignity, respect and equity. With
close to 50% world human population being women, they need access to
resources enough, so as to achieve equitable outcomes. So this women’s day
let’s join hands to help our women in elevating their voices and support their
work for a sustainable tomorrow.

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