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You must get rid of some strange myths about the Tampon

by Pragati Singh

The vagina is regarded as the sacredest place in the body of a woman. And all the lies and myths cast upon her with dignity have survived this sacred place.

Very few people know the facts of our vagina and vaginal products. They were all appreciated when pads came into being.

But with Tampons, that was not the case. Tampons had to suffer a lot just like our vagina. During World War Two, Tampon was intended to stop bullet hole wounds. It was subsequently found to be useful for women too and was re-designed for their bodies.

Some bizarre myths about tampons you need to get off your mind now are :

Using a New Tampon, each time you Pee:

Your vagina and your bladder are two different things. The bladder is a muscular organ that collects your urine and your vagina is made up of highly elastic tissues. Both of these systems perform different tasks and are not interconnected with each other. So, attend your natures call hassle-free, without thinking of changing a tampon every time. Also, changing a tampon very frequently can cause discomfort as taking out a dry tampon can irritate the vaginal area.

Tampons are the Reason Behind Cervical Cancer:

This is a total myth. Cervical cancers are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) which is only transmitted from one person to another during sexual intercourse. Tampons are as safe as menstrual cups and sanitary pads. They are widely accepted by doctors and there is no proof that tampons cause cancer.

A Tampon can Fall: 

A Tampon cannot fall out of your vagina if it is inserted correctly. Vagina can hold a tampon even if you are working out or running. Also, if pressure is applied then there are chances that the tampon may fall. But it does not fall out itself.

A Tampon can get Lost Inside:

The vagina is a muscle, not a black hole that we would lose things inside. A tampon if inserted correctly stays in the vagina only. It cannot go up itself unless pressure is applied. Also, it cannot fall out, unless it is pulled outside.

Using a Tampon can take your Virginity Away:

A tampon cannot break your hymen and take your virginity away. Hymen can break due to several reasons like gyming, horse – riding, and running, etc. Also, if a tampon breaks the hymen of a person that does not mean that the person is no longer a virgin. Virginity is only lost to a person not to a menstrual care product.

Tampons cause Toxic Shock Syndrome:

Toxic Shock Syndrome is a rare life-threatening illness that is caused by bacterial toxins like Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pathogens. Women who menstruate have more chances of having Toxic Shock Syndrome. If a tampon is inserted for a very long duration inside a vagina and is not taken out timely, then the chances of having Toxic Shock Syndrome increases. However, if a tampon is changed frequently and hygiene is maintained then you can move around carefree.

Using a Tampon is as easy as using a sanitary napkin. Tampons are not dangerous instead they are a safer alternative, but lack of awareness and knowledge is harmful. However, being aware and educated about the product ensures a comfortable route. Being careful with what you are using is definitely a hygienic start after all it’s your own body.

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