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Re-infections of COVID in children, as well as other seasonal illnesses such as foot and mouth disease: Expert

by Pragati Singh

In the midst of an increase in COVID-19 cases among children, a health expert stated that children who were infected with coronavirus in January or April are becoming infected again, although the cases are light and can be handled at home. Other seasonal infections, however, are infecting youngsters. Children with COVID-19 reinfection are being treated at Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital, according to Dr. Nitin Verma, Director.

“I have a high number of patients who have already been afflicted with COVID and are now getting infected for the second time. So a child who had COVID in January had it again in April, and a youngster who had it in April got it again now.”

“Because the protection does not continue if the strain is different, many youngsters are having COVID for the second time, according to Dr. Verma.

He went on to say that children are also acquiring other infections “COVID has been going on for a while, and I still have four to five children a day who are down and have COVID.

Hand, foot, and mouth illness is common, especially among school-aged children. There are a number of viral fevers that are the first instances of Dengue, and we’ve lately begun seeing cases of swine flu as well “He said.

According to Dr. Verma, the majority of COVID cases are minor and may be treated at home.

“Fortunately, the majority of the instances are minor. Only adults are affected by the harshness. The benefit of adults is that they have also had their immunisation. So their symptoms are a little more severe, but the children have mild to moderate severity and are all being handled at home “He said.

“Youngsters are displaying fever, some of them have a sore throat,” he stated of the symptoms being found in children. Some children have rashes, while others have symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhoea.”

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“Vaccination assists in limiting illness severity and ensuring that you don’t end up in the hospital or ICU, and wearing a mask, hand washing, and social separation,” Dr. Verma added of precautions.

In most cases, children are infected with COVID through schools, according to Dr. Nitin, hence it is critical to focus on the educational environment.

“Obviously, we need to focus on the educational environment so that masks are made mandatory in the classrooms.” When youngsters eat their meals, they are scattered so that they are not in close proximity to one another. Then that’s one way we can avoid the proliferation of COVID in schools,” Dr. Verma explained.

He added there is no need to close schools to stop the spread of COVID until the instances become really high.

“So, if there is a quick increase in instances or we are seeing an increase in COVID patients with serious sickness, yeah, it is necessary to close schools.” But even at school, we may design methods such as a hybrid model in which half the number of people attend in order to preserve social distance. But, given the current circumstances and the fact that the instances are not very serious, I do not believe it is appropriate to close schools at this time,” he continued.

Covid cases in India

Meanwhile, India recorded 16,299 new COVID cases in the previous 24 hours, with a case positivity rate of 4.58 percent.

Yesterday, the country recorded 16,047 new infections, with a case positive rate of 4.94 percent. With this, the country’s active caseload has dropped to 1,25,076 from 1,28,261 yesterday.

According to the Ministry, 19,431 COVID patients have recovered in the previous 24 hours. So far, the total number of recoveries in the country is 4,35,55,041.

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