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Health experts believe Cases of COVID-19 are modest but underreported

by Pragati Singh

As COVID instances increase across the country, particularly in the national capital, in the run-up to the festival season, specialists believe the infections are moderate but underreported.

According to Dr. S Chatterjee, Senior Consultant Internal Medicine at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, the coronavirus next wave has already begun, since a large number of cases are being recorded, with the majority of them being unreported. “The number of instances in the city is currently enormous. I believe it has been underreported since many individuals do not even get tested. Doctors are also not advising, and patients are not being tested ” Dr. Chatterjee.

He also stated that if testing is enhanced, the daily number of instances will climb.

“So, if we start testing more individuals, the number of cases will increase since I receive calls every other day from people who are suffering from fever, and most of them will say it’s just the flu. But, in my opinion, they should be tested for both COVID and swine flu at the same time. Because there has been a significant increase in the number of instances, “Dr. Chatterjee stated.

“The majority of folks are coming out to be positive. So we can observe that the number of instances is clearly increasing “he continued.

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Dr. Chatterjee stated that the severity of individuals who test positive for COVID-19 is low; nonetheless, he stated that hospital admissions have increased, although the severity is not that severe.

“The severity or hospital admissions have grown, but the severity is not that awful.” The majority of patients are surviving, and the sickness is not life-threatening. But we must be cautious because one of those people may become ill as a result of the vulnerability and comorbidity,” he warned.

Concerning the fourth wave, Dr. Chatterjee stated that the rate at which cases are being recorded in our nation appears to be increasing.

“The way the numbers have risen in the previous few days leads me to believe that the tsunami has already begun. Because practically everyone you meet with has a family member with COVID these days when they are tested. So I believe it is already the beginning because the numbers have climbed in this manner “He stated.

“But, while there is nothing to worry about, it is important to exercise caution. The good news is that the immunizations clearly worked. Perhaps the strain is also weaker at this time “Dr. Chatterjee noted.

He also stated that immunizations are effective and that there is no need to be concerned.

Dr. Chatterjee went on to say that children are becoming infected with COVID-19 because they attend schools that do not require admittance.

“Children are becoming ill as a result of their attendance at schools. People are attending college. They are also becoming sick, but as I already stated, none of them require hospitalisation “He stated.

When asked about the symptoms, he stated that the majority of patients will have a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, headache, and body ache, with a few people just presenting with headache and exhaustion in a similar spectrum of symptoms.

Covid cases in India

Meanwhile, India recorded 16,299 new COVID cases in the previous 24 hours, with a case positivity rate of 4.58 percent.

Yesterday, the country recorded 16,047 new infections, with a case positive rate of 4.94 percent. With this, the country’s active caseload has dropped to 1,25,076 from 1,28,261 yesterday.

According to the Ministry, 19,431 COVID patients have recovered in the previous 24 hours. So far, the total number of recoveries in the country is 4,35,55,041.

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