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Doctors at GGHC treat complicated eye tumour

by Medically Speaking

Doctors at Gleneagles Global Health City (GGHC) hospital in Dubai used a minimally invasive treatment to treat a patient from Oman who had a non-malignant tumour in his right eye.

According to a hospital statement, the patient, a bus driver, was urged by physicians to undergo a complicated operation that posed the possibility of him getting a drooping top eyelid, a squint, or loss of eyesight in the worst case scenario.

Given the necessity of eye sight in his career, he sought the advice of Ravindra Mohan, Orbital and Oculoplastic Surgeon at GGHC. Dr. Mohan stated that the tumour, which was around 2cm in size, was in a delicate area below the eyeball and closer to the optical nerves. The tumour was effectively removed through a tiny hole near the lower eyelid, he added, without affecting any essential tissues.

Alok Khullar, CEO of GGHC, complimented Dr. Mohan and his colleagues on the treatment, which required extreme accuracy and competence.

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