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Nutritionally Nourishing Traditions: Savouring Classic Delights of Ganesh Chaturthi

by Amit Kumar

One of India’s favorite celebrations, Ganesh Chaturthi, gathers people to celebrate and show their devotion to Lord Ganesha. While the event is known for its delicious sweet and Savory foods, it also presents an opportunity to choose food with awareness. Ganesha has an endless list of his favorite foods. Every year around Ganesh Chaturthi, Hindu households create an incredible spread of dishes for their beloved Lord Vinayak.

Murmura Jaggery Laddu
•Murmura Jaggery Laddoo is a favorite food of lord Ganesha. This food was so uncontrollable when Kubera invited him for a meal. The lavish meal didn’t satisfy Lord Ganesha, who wanted more to eat. It was said that Lord Shiva proposed offering some puffed rice to him. It was assumed that his appetite was satisfied immediately after that. For this reason, Murmura jaggery laddoo is made and served to Lord Ganesha.


•Ukadichemodak is the healthier form of modak is the ukadichemodak. Rice flour that has been cooked retains more nutrients and has fewer calories. The filling made of coconut and jaggery is an excellent source of fiber and vital mineralsand helps maintain the haemoglobin level.

Puran Poli
•Puran Poli made with chana dal, jaggery, and cardamom.Chana dal offers fiber, is a significant source of protein, may lower cholesterol, and includes calcium, zinc, and folate. Sugar, jaggery, and plain flour are sources of carbohydrates.

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•Coconut rice has various health advantages and a great flavour. It contains a lot of good fats, especially medium-chain fatty acids, which the body can easily absorb and utilize as fuel.

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•Besan Laddoo are made from besan(Chickpea), Sugar , ghee and dryfruits. Besan is rich in complex carbohydrates and has a low glycemic index. Dry fruits are rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamins like vitamins A, D, B6, K1, and E.

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•Dry Fruit Ladoo is the either combine crushed or finely chopped nuts with dried fruits and a binder like dates or figs. They give us both vital nutrients and energy.
People with diabetes should be mindful before consuming high-caloric food. Jaggery is healthier than sugar, contains essential minerals like potassium and iron, and has slower digestion, which aids in keeping blood sugar levels checked.
Celebrating tradition and spirituality during Ganesh Chaturthi while eating foods that are good for your health is possible. When prepared carefully, these classic recipes have nutritional benefits and are delicious. We may enjoy the festival delights while feeding our bodies by adopting these time-tested recipes with a contemporary touch.

Dr Anish Desai is MD, Clinical Pharmacologist and Nutraceutical Physician, Founder and CEO, IntelliMed Healthcare

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