Nitric oxide a possible treatment for COVID-19

By Dr Narendra Saini
SARS-CoV-2, Covid 19 Update

Cases : 40,648,527 deaths :1,122,992
US Cases 8,456,653 death 225222
India : Cases 7,594,736
death :115236
Brazil : cases 5,251,127 deaths : 154226 (worldometer)

Nitric oxide a possible treatment for COVID-19
Nitric oxide is a substance produced naturally in the body, playing many important roles in human health. It is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory molecule with key roles in pulmonary vascular function.NO can be administered as inhaled gas, in low concentrations, to boost the blood-oxygen saturation level.One key reason for the successful results was that inflammation in the patients’ lungs decreased.Published findings from the 2004 SARS-CoV infection suggest the potential role of inhaled nitric oxide as a supportive measure for treating infection in patients with pulmonary complications. Treatment with NO reversed pulmonary hypertension, improved severe hypoxia, and shortened the length of ventilatory support compared with matched control patients with SARS.The study published in the journal Redox Biology stated the compound beside antimicrobial property acts as a hormone and controls various organs, including the tension in the muscles of the blood vessels and the blood flow between and within organs.The dosage and timing of starting treatment probably play an important part in the outcome, and now need to be explored
face coverings (nose &mouth) should be part of new normal.
Smoking in any form at this time should be banned in public places as it may increase the spread of virus
Teamwork and feeling of openness is important for winning this Corona war

Dr Narendra Saini
Chairman Scientific
committee DMC
Chairman AMR committee IMA Hq
Past Sec Gen IMA
Director SAINI DIAGNOSTICS ICMR approved lab for RTPCR testing

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