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The 100-crore vax milestone strengthens India’s position as a global pharma hub: PM

by Pragati Singh
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the occasion of crossing the 100 crore covid vaccination mark “This achievement reflects the image of the new India, and 100 crore vaccine jabs is more than just a number; it is a reflection of the country’s capacity. This is a new chapter for the country, a country that knows how to meet lofty goals.”

The efforts of healthcare workers and the entire population of 130 crore people who came together to contribute to the success of India’s vaccination drive were lauded by the PM, who noted that the speed with which India launched the mass vaccination campaign and reached 100 crore vaccinations is being praised all over the world.

“Our entire vaccine programme is the result of technological advances. It is founded on science, is driven by science, and is founded on science. At the heart of it all is science and a scientific approach. The country was able to solve production and distribution problems using new scientific methods and innovations.” Modi stated.

Furthermore, India relied heavily on developed countries for vaccine technology and development, raising concerns about the country’s ability to combat the pandemic. With this achievement of 100 crore vaccines, India has answered all of its critics’ questions and strengthened India’s position as a global pharma hub.

The Prime Minister also stated that the country’s ‘Free Vaccine and Vaccine for Everyone’ campaign ensured that the vaccine reached everyone, with no distinction made between poor and rich, rural and urban, and treating everyone equally, because if the disease does not discriminate, then there cannot be any discrimination in the vaccination. He went on to say that the government made certain that the VIP culture of entitlement did not dominate the vaccination campaign.

The Prime Minister noted that with the administration of 100 crore doses, the people of India have also overcome vaccine hesitancy, which is still prevalent in the majority of developed countries.

The growth, distribution and success of the vaccination campaign can be attributed to the scientific methods that were deployed for immunizing a humongous population against COVID. With a technology-driven platform like CoWIN, not only was the vaccination at such a large scale made possible, it also enhanced the ease with which people could get their hands on the vaccines.



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