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World Rabies Day: Rabies can be prevented by 100% vaccinated

by Pragati Singh

Not every dog bite is rabies | According to NMC data there are more than 10 dog bites in the city every day. But no dog bite causes rabies.

Risk factor : A dog whose immunisation history is unknown, or a dog acting strangely or appearing to be sick, is a cause for concern.

Vaccine must | Post dog bite, doctors recommend rabies immunoglobulin, an injection made up of antibodies against the rabies virus. Don’t avoid it as rabies is confirmed death

Cases reported | According to divisional health office, Nagpur district has reported 1,052 rabies cases between January 2017 and August 2021; two patients died in hospital

100% fatal | As per GMCH officials, there is no medicine on rabies and admitting patient doesn’t help. Such patients are not hospitalized, means they apparently die at home

Preventive steps | Vaccinate pets, stay away from wildlife and seek medical care before symptoms start after potential exposure

100% preventable | Don’t hesitate to take vaccine. Rabies is potentially fatal but 100% preventable if immediate medical treatment is received

Standard format | Vaccines are given on the day of bite; 3rd, 7th, 11th and 21st day. Completing the course is important. Doctors may advise two more shots depending on the case

Kids vulnerable | As kids are short in height, dogs can bite their neck and face from where the virus can travel towards brain in a very short span. Keeping kids protected is must



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